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The gorge of Yenokavan has several caves – from 10 to 30 meters long and about 15 meters wide.
The seal of mankind is put here on the walls of the cave – through dozens of beautiful carvings that depict man and beast side by side as well as images of large and small crosses. It is due to these crosses that some people visit Lastiver today as a place of pilgrimage.
From Pre-Christian times the caves of Lastiver were a sacred place, to which testify the numerous cave pictures. But in the Middle Ages, during the Tartar-Mongolian invasions the caves of Lastiver served as a hiding-place for the village inhabitants.
At the caves a marvelous view opens: the waterfalls of Lastiver, which are really considered to be wonders of Nature.
Lastiver Cave is hard to access on a cliff face, and the entrance has been partially protected with an ancient wall. There is a pond taking up most of the cave, which water level is supposed never to change – even if you remove water it immediately returns to its previous level.

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