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My personal to be Nature of the Profession

According to the law 114/ DICT (Department Information Cultural and Tourism). "A tourist guide is a person accompanying tourists or visitors of the country, foreigners or nationals, leading them and suggesting the sights of the land, the monuments ancient or historical, the works of art of all periods, explaining to them their meaning, destination and history and providing more general information about ancient and traditional and culture in Laos".

A tourist guide's working license in LAOS is obtained after a compulsory and successful 5-semester attending of the Schools of Tourist Guides operated by the Organization of Tourism Education and Training.

The Lecturer Tourist Guide's contribution to the promotion of LAOS and LAO culture is an integral part of our job, which has the following features:

a) It presupposes the thorough knowledge of at least one foreign language which makes possible the direct communication with the foreign visitor, whom the Tourist Guide endeavors to initiate into Laotian civilization, answering all of his/her questions, explaining history and art and also linking the distant past with present day LAOS.

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